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Vol. 7 No. 2 (2022)
Published: 2022-09-30
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Ijtimā'iyya: Journal of Muslim Society Research e-ISSN 2541-0040 | p-ISSN 2541-2736 is published by Postgraduate Program of State Institute on Islamic Studies, Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia. This Journal is focused on the studies and results of researchers on Muslim societies. The life of Muslim societies can be studied through various disciplines, such as economics, law, communication, education, application of technology, etc. The scope of the studies is not merely on Muslim societies in one single country, but it can be in various areas or countries in the world. This is intended to accommodate various researchers in different postgraduate programs.
Ijtimā'iyya: Journal of Muslim Society Research has been accredited by the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education is currently ranked as SINTA 3