About the Journal

el-Aqwal: Journal of Sharia and Comparative Law 

[e-ISSN: 2962-5289] is an open-access academic journal focused on publishing scholarly work that promotes and fosters knowledge in the field of Sharia Laws, State Laws, Customary Laws, and other Religious Laws, in comparative perspectives. All submissions undergo peer review, and the articles are whether in Indonesian, English or Arabic.

Publisher          : Universitas Islam Negeri Profesor Kiai Haji Saifuddin Zuhri Purwokerto 
Frequency        : Two times a year at June and December. 
ISSN (online)    : 2962-5289
ISSN (print)       : 
DOI                    : 10.24090/elaqwal
Indexed by       : Google Scholar Crossref, Garuda
OAI Address     : https://ejournal.uinsaizu.ac.id/index.php/elaqwal/oai