Author Guideline

  1. The submission is a critical review, idea, or empirical research focusing on Religions and Multiculturalism, which covers:  Religions and the Development of Multicultural Societies, Multiculturalism within Religious Denomination, Development of Minority Communities, Inter-Religious Development, Intern-Religious Development, and Religious and Multiculturalism oriented Policies.
  2. The submission has not been previously published in full text or apart of it.
  3. The submission is original, neither a compilation nor a translation.
  4. The article a) is possible in in bahasa Indonesia, or English, b) uses Times New Arabic or Times New Roman 12-pt font, c) is in 1.5 spacing line, and d) is no longer  than 14-18 pages (included bibliography) in A4 paper size.
  5. During the submission process, the author will be prompted to supply an abstract of 100-150 words and approximately five keywords defining the paper’s subject matter. The paper contains introduction (background, aims and problems), analysis, conclusion and references. The author’s name, complete address and workplace is also needed.
  6. The paper must contain a complete list of sources cited, given in the manuscript/in-notes citation (name, year: page number) (Madjid, 2010:15),  and only references actually cited in the paper should be included in the list of references. It is possible to give additional information for certain terms.
  7. It is strongly recommend the submission of articles and accompanying documents is in file doc or rtf or docx to our OJS website.
  8. There will not be a returning unpublished subscription.