Author Guideline

  1. Manuscript Not yet Once loaded/published  or in the process of publication in other journals /media and proven  with letter statement from writer.
  2. Manuscript typed with notice  Indonesian Language Rules and General Guidelines for Improved Indonesian Spelling.
  3. Manuscript typed 1.5 spaces on A4 paper with  Cambria font size 12 , 15-30 pages.
  4. Title script maximum 14 words, written  in Indonesian and English.
  5. Abstract between 150-200 words with 3-5 keywords, written  in Indonesian and English (see template).
  6. Loaded manuscript in journal this covers results research and related studies/thoughts/ideas with policy  strategic public in the field  education and culture.
  7. Manuscript results study load title, name author, address institution author, author's e-mail, abstract, keywords and content. 
  8. Manuscript studies/thoughts/ideas load title, name author, address institution author e-mail author, abstract, keywords and content.