Author Guidelines

  1. The manuscript must be an educational research result or a scientific study of researchers in education, especially from management, research, a study of thinking, and educational evaluation.
  2. The articles must be original and have never been published or are being submitted to another journal. Articles ever presented in a forum, such as seminars, should be mentioned forum.
  3. All submitted manuscripts have to be written by referring to APA style.
  4. All manuscripts are submitted through online journal system. If you already have an acount, you may log in first. If you don't, please REGISTER to the system.
  5. Manuscript is written in Indonesian or English properly. 15-20 pages long 1 column 1.5 spacing, A4 paper, font Times New Roman 12, with MS word program. paper template
  6. Articles written by the terms and systematics as follows:
  7. Title: written and concise, maximum 12 words containing the keyword, and should reflect the substance of education described in the article body.
  8. The author's name: it is written under the title, without a title. The author can be an individual or a team, and all of the authors listed.
  9. Agencies and address of the author: author written institutions of origin, email address, which is located under the author's name.
  10. Abstract: written in Indonesian and English, which consists of 150 to 170 words and written in one paragraph that contains (1) the purpose, (2) methods, and (3) the results of the research.
  11. Keywords: filled words or terms that reflect the essence of the concept within the scope of the problems can consist of several pieces of words / terms. Key words written under the abstract with a distance of one line and italicized.
  12. Body: consists of (1) an introduction that includes a background, (2) procedures / means / methods, (3) the results of research and discussion, (4) conclusion. INTRODUCTION: background, issues and literature review; APPROACH / PROCEDURE / METHOD / METHODS: unbiased approach / method / methods used; FINDINGS AND DISCUSSION: contains the results of research and discussion of these results; CONCLUSION: The study outlines conclusions in line with problems discussed.
  13. Bibliography: cultivated from primary sources (journals / magazines scientific or research report) and current / latest (maximum 10 years). Bibliography only lists the sources referenced in the article body. Otherwise the name referenced in the body must exist in the bibliography