Privacy Statement


We are committed to ensuring the privacy of your personal data. We only collect and use personal information which is relevant and necessary for the standard functioning of an academic publisher. Please read the following policy to understand our practices regarding the personal information that is collected, stored, used, disclosed and your privacy rights. By using the site, you are subject to the terms and conditions (“Terms”) of this policy. 

Personal information we collect

We may collect the following personal information you provide when you interact with us by sending emails, completing forms on our websites, signing up to receive newsletters, or using services provided by data processors that collect, store and process personal information on our behalf, such as journal submission systems:

  • access information, such as username and password;
  • your contact details, such as name, email address, postal address, institutional affiliation, country of origin;
  • demographic information, such as level of education and gender;
  • user identifiers, such as ORCID, Scopus ID, Researcher ID;
  • article information, such as type, title, abstract, keywords, topics, author list, article files.
  • payment information.

We do not store credit card details. All transactions are handled externally by authorized suppliers. We may store the customer’s name, billing information, postal address, product specification, date and amount of payment, payment method, bank details, if paid via wire transfer, for financial records.

Use of personal information

Personal information is used to provide our products and services for running the standard functionalities of an academic publisher of peer-reviewed journals, including managing editorial processes of submitted manuscripts, responding to the requests of the authors, inviting peer reviewers, interacting with the reviewers and editors to evaluate the quality of the submitted content, soliciting the submission of new manuscripts, sharing the news and updates with the users, processing payments, and complying with other legal obligations. Users are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the information they provide.

Storing and sharing of personal information

Personal information is stored no longer than is necessary for which the information was originally collected. Personal information is collected and stored through third party service providers, such as journal editorial management systems or e-mail account services that collect, store and process personal information on our behalf. Therefore, personal information may be transferred, stored and processed outside of European Economic Area. While we take reasonable administrative, technical and physical steps to ensure that personal information is secure, since most of the information is stored and processed in third-party service providers, computers and databases, and transferred through the Internet, we cannot guarantee that all information is secure, and free from unauthorized access, use, modification, or loss. 

We do not sell or trade personal information. We may share personal data with selected individuals, including editors, reviewers, our support staff, and other third parties, including DOI providers, indexing services, plagiarism checking services, payment solution providers, legal authorities, as required by our services. In corporate events such as a merger or an acquisition, we may disclose and share personal data to the seller or buyer companies.

Links to other websites

Our websites may contain links to external third-party services or websites. This privacy policy exclusively applies to the information that we collect and use. We cannot be held responsible for the content or actions of any third-parties. Users should read and understand their respective privacy policies and terms of service before using them.

Privacy of children

The intended users of our websites, products and services are editors, peer-reviewers, authors or readers who are actively engaged in scientific activities. Therefore, our intended users are over the age of 18. Minors, children who are under the age of 13, should not use our websites, products or services without prior consent from their parents or legal guardians.

Your rights

As the owner of the personal information, you have the right to ask us to:

  • access to your personal data,
  • receive a structured copy of your personal data for your own reuse,
  • limit or object to our use of your personal data,
  • make corrections to your personal data,
  • delete your personal data.

For more information on your rights or if you want to exercise your rights, you can contact us at: [email protected].

Changes to the policy

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time. Any change will be immediately posted on this policy page. You are expected to read and understand the contents of this policy before using our websites, products and services.

Contact us

Questions, comments or requests about this privacy policy or the general data protection regulations should be addressed to Mr. Sunhaji at: [email protected]. For additional contact details, please refer to: Contact Editor.